Food Porn

Behind The Scenes Of Seduction


How we’re being played

Why does your mouth water uncontrollably the instant you open ‘foodstagram’ or a gourmet mag? Wise up on the secret ways stylists, photographers and marketers engineer your desire to eat.

Words: Stephanie Osfield

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The Age : Entertainment

Comfort Food On Call

Canny cooks are delivering quality meals to frazzled clients

IN THE 1950s it was known as the Arsenic Hour (though it often dragged on much longer): that frenzied period before dinner when children went mad, fathers returned home from work – and immediately wished they hadn’t – and mothers self-medicated with sweet sherry.

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Volunteer’s Voice

Brotherhood of St. Lawrence


Fiona Rigg

Fiona Rigg is a renowned Melbourne food stylist and chef who has worked for Better Homes & Gardens, Coles Magazine and Woman’s Day.

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Sicilian Seafood Cooking

Marisa’s Recipes

“The important people to know are the ones that cook traditional foods, the ones that have cooking at their heart”

Officially launching Sicilian Seafood Cooking was Senior Food Writer for The Age Epicure / SMH Good Living, Richard Cornish (left) together with the books food stylist Fiona Rigg (centre) and the author Marisa Raniolo Wilkins.

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